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Growing qualified B2B leads with Performance Max campaigns


increase in new enterprise leads


lower cost per acquisition (CPA)

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Neo4j is an industry leader in graph database technology that powers mission-critical enterprise applications like artificial intelligence, fraud detection, and recommendations.

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In a rapidly changing business environment, the company strives to get more out of its marketing budget by continuously improving the efficiency and growth of advertising activities. The team sought to increase the volume of net-new enterprise leads while lowering the cost per lead.



Neo4j turned to Performance Max, optimizing this new campaign type for online form completions that result in enterprise lead generation. Partnering with VertoDigital, its performance digital marketing agency, Neo4j developed a plan to implement Performance Max with its lead-generation marketing objectives in mind. The team was able to repurpose existing creative assets from other campaigns to quickly build and launch their Performance Max campaign, enabling them to maximize their customer reach across Search, Display, Video, Gmail, and the Discover feed.

First, the team implemented offline conversion imports to allow them to measure which leads met their custom qualification criteria. They imported this data into Google Ads and Performance Max campaigns to optimize for qualified leads and increase the lead quality and quantity across channels. Using real-time reporting in Google Data Studio, they were also able to easily monitor both the quality and quantity of net-new enterprise leads delivered by Performance Max campaigns.



increase in new enterprise leads


lower cost per acquisition (CPA)

Since integrating Performance Max campaigns into its digital advertising strategy, Neo4j has experienced enormous improvements in both the quality and volume of enterprise leads coming through Google Ads. Performance Max delivered a 157% increase in the number of new enterprise leads at a 54% lower CPA. As a result, Neo4j has shifted budgets from other ad platforms toward Performance Max.

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With Performance Max, we are able to tap into the power of machine learning to find new customer prospects and grow our high-performing audience segments to drive ROI.

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