The VertoDigital Approach

How We Do It

We build long-lasting relationships

We are a people centric team, always ready to help each other knowing we are in this together. We rely on open and honest communication both within our team and with our partners. We don’t have clients, we have partners. We get in your shoes and aim to build a long-lasting partnership.

We have a mindset for growth

We love a good challenge. We inspire ourselves and our partners to grow, by challenging the status quo and by always providing an alternative point of view. Our goal is to have you feel enabled and empowered after meeting with us, armed with tactics and ideas for solving your most complex business problems. Together we learn by doing, reading, interacting.

We think like your CEO

Building long-lasting partnerships requires knowing your business inside out. We call this – thinking like your CEO. Based on this approach, we bend technology to solve old and complex problems with innovation. We value both your time and ours, so we aim to maximize results with efficient solutions. We are resourceful and armed with skills to find quick and clever ways to overcome challenges.

We have fun

We love our work and we are very passionate about all of its aspects. We find joy even in tedious tasks and we consider them crucial for both career and personal development. We enjoy seeing the growth of our partners as people and professionals, as well as the growth of their own businesses.

Why We Do It
To challenge and empower you so that we accelerate transformation and create sustainable growth together.

Zoran Arsovski

Zoran is truly the leader in the group. Apart from being one of the most upbeat people in the room, he’s also the person who inspired our core value of building long-lasting relationships with everyone we work. Chat with him about the potential of digital, good wine, the educational system, car tech and how to prepare the best Nescafé Frappé.

Ina Pekova
The one with the many hobbies and questions. An ex-avoider of conflicts, Ina is now a strong proponent for embracing tough conversations and speaking from the heart. A life-long learner, who loves the challenge to work in the ever-changing field of digital marketing. Chat with her about yorkies, travel, and her theory that life unfolds one courageous decision at a time.
Ivo Shipochky
Ivo is the one that fuels our team with a constant stream of positivity. The one who just knows there’s a solution to any challenge. Ask him anything about advertising or reporting, and you’ll be blown away by his down-to earth and easy-to-understand approach to explaining complex digital matters. Chat with him about paragliding, guitars and space.
Antoaneta Dyaksova
Antoaneta is a breath of fresh air on any occasion. She has a professional background in all Orienteering mountain sports and she is bringing her compass to the digital marketing field. Her structured way of thinking is guiding her in her passion for Analytics and Advertising. Chat with her about Orienteering and learn how to never get lost in the woods or in the data pool.
Bilyana Katmarova
Bilyana is the wiz working from the back line. The finance genius. With her strong financial and organizational background she is the person that develops our financial and legal relationship with clients, partners and vendors. Chat with her about spa, nutrition and money.
Lily Grozeva
Lily is the SEO champion of the group. She loves being a pioneer be it in the field of SEO, in discovering new indie music bands or fashion trends. Although SEO is her big love, she keeps exploring new digital fields such as marketing automation, data collection, analytics, and innovative business models. Chat with her about technology, reading, good food and growing plants.
Victoria Dodeva
Vicky is the most energetic electron in the team. She injects high-voltage energy into any conversation leaving you armed, excited and hungry for more. Her 360 business knowledge and strong digital acumen make her the perfect growth partner. Her growth tactics range from employing innovative tech like Voice UI and automation, to enabling your team through scalable process frameworks. Chat with her about lean life hacks, technology and healthy eating.
Alexandra Yanakieva
Alex is the moderate one. Aiming for balance, trying to get a little bit of everything, without losing focus on the big picture. She believes in smiling and sharing laughs. Ironically, telling jokes is not her superpower. She finds excitement in understanding users’ behavior online and the impactful potential of data analysis. Chat with her about yoga (or balancing on one foot), and dogs (mostly beagles).
Nikoleta Ilieva
Chocolate lover, deadlines survivor, dog person. Nikki is full of energy that she converts into personal and professional growth. Doesn’t go anywhere without music, loves spending time in the sun, preferably somewhere green. She is fascinated by the ever-changing world of digital marketing, its power to transform businesses and the importance of data collection and analysis. Chat with her about dance as an art form, travel and hiking.
Rumyana Kercheva
Rumi is the one that is not afraid to ask questions and seek alternative theories and solutions. She finds the most exciting thing about digital marketing to be the adaptability to the individual needs and how the enormous data collection might just be the solution to worldwide problems. Chat with her about coffee – but only if she had had some, TV series, and media.
Vassil Petev
Vaskess has worn many hats during the last 20 years – product management, digital marketing, SEO, team management, and more. An all-around guy who has data-driven knowledge in product and digital marketing as well as product positioning. He enjoys analyzing and solving problems as well as learning and playing with the latest user acquisition and engagement tactics. Chat with him about camping, sailing, skiing and DJing.
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