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Elevating Kubernetes: Spectro Cloud’s 89% YoY Growth in Organic Sessions with SEO


increase in organic sessions


increase in organic visibility



Spectro Cloud is a US-based company that gives IT teams complete control, visibility, and production-scale efficiencies to enable developers with flexible Kubernetes stacks and tools based on their specific needs, with granular governance and enterprise-grade security.


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  • Organic Growth
  • All Hands Strategy
  • Semrush


The Spectro Cloud Team’s aim was to establish a central place in the market as a leading provider of Kubernetes management solutions. Specifically, the company aimed to increase its organic traffic and visibility and conquer the first results on the SERP for key industry terms. That would help Spectro Cloud attract more customers looking for a powerful and flexible solution to manage their infrastructure. 


VertoDigital’s SEO Strategy for Spectro Cloud started by setting clear goals and expectations. We focused on building a strong foundation for the website through a content framework, thorough competitive landscape research, and the production of high-quality, educational content.

The strategy evolved around the goal to own and lead the conversation for specific topics, considered valuable for the target audience and therefore for the company. Using concrete tactics for content creation and optimization as well as an agile editorial process and interlinking scheme, we strived to improve the website content quality and SERP visibility. At the same time, we improved the topic authority and as a result effectively communicated to both search engines and users, with the aim to improve the website’s ranking and encourage brand engagement.

Alongside this, we emphasized on ensuring the website’s overall technical quality was at its best. We implemented various technical SEO best practices to improve the website’s search visibility and UX. This involved optimizing particular elements of the website to be properly configured for the search engine and the users.

The strategy was designed to drive more targeted traffic to Spectro Cloud’s website, increase its visibility in the SERP, and ultimately generate more traffic and visibility for the company.


The results of our SEO efforts have been truly successful. Over the past year, we have seen overall growth in organic sessions of 89.93% YoY. In the first few months is when we crystalized the strategy and worked on different processes of implementing our approach best and more holistically internally. Once we started to push more content and started implementing technical SEO improvements, we quickly saw an uptick in organic traffic. Additionally, we achieved an 8.34% YoY increase in visibility on the SERP and started ranking for incredibly valuable keywords that brought attention and brand awareness to the business. 

Our efforts to conquer the focus keywords were particularly effective, as we were able to secure a position on the first page of the SERP for all of them. 


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