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Achieving 31% growth in organic conversions with a tailored content marketing strategy


increase in organic conversions


growth in new organic users and sessions

Background is a leading company in artificial intelligence applied to text with more than 20 years of experience in natural language understanding. It is a global, publicly traded company (EXAI:IM) committed to innovation and providing customers and partners with concrete results and tangible business value.

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The team wanted to stay ahead of the competition through organic search visibility and SERP outranking. Their previous approach was to build content focused on industry news. Although this approach generated traffic and the audience engaged with the content, it didn’t lead to improved SERP ranks. In addition, the users didn’t engage much with the brand and didn’t move through the funnel.


In VertoDigital’s research for a solution, we noticed that was missing key evergreen, informational pieces that their audience was longing for. The existing content wasn’t properly interlinked and needed a conversion-optimized approach with a compelling strategy to drive customers further down the sales funnel.

Since content quality outweighed any other SEO factor in recent years and especially after Google’s Medic algorithm update, our team took an approach to increase content quality by adhering to Google’s E-A-T signals and producing a content framework that is authoritative, trustworthy, and offers a high level of expertise. The aim was to position better, increase its brand awareness, raise CTR, and bring more organic conversions.

In this framework, every topic, every piece of related content, and every link formed a strong structure that sends a powerful message to the search engines and stimulates the users to engage further with the brand. The user journey started with introductory, bottom-of-funnel content and ended with a lead submission, form completion, or a “contact us” page. This structure ensured more engaging content that inspired and enlightened users.

As a result, conversions from organic traffic increased by 31% in three months, while the new organic users and sessions grew by 26%.


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