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How Cribl used brand awareness to reduce cost per lead and increase conversion rates by 14%


decrease in CPL


increase in conversion rate


Cribl is a technology company that provides observability pipeline solutions. They offer software that enables businesses to aggregate, transform, and route machine data to the right destination. However, Cribl needed a new approach to increase their brand visibility, warm up the audience before requesting a lead gen form fill, and build demand

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  • LinkedIn


Cribl’s initial goal was to generate more leads and capture existing demand, but they faced a significant challenge. Their cost per lead was high, and they were not generating enough leads to achieve their marketing goals. Therefore, they needed to rethink their strategy and come up with a new approach to attract potential prospects and increase their brand visibility.


Working closely with Cribl, VertoDigital proposed a multi-channel approach that included LinkedIn awareness ads to warm up the audience before requesting a lead gen form fill and increase brand visibility.

Cribl created engaging and informative ads that targeted IT professionals, data engineers, and data security teams, who are the primary users of Cribl’s observability pipeline solutions. The ads highlighted the benefits of Cribl’s solutions and encouraged users to visit their website.


The LinkedIn awareness ads proved to be a game-changer for Cribl. They increased the company’s brand exposure and generated a significant increase in website traffic. The immediate result from warming up the audience prior to requesting a lead gen form fill was that cost per lead from remarketing was 31% lower, and lead gen form completion rate was 35% higher compared to prospecting lead generation campaigns.

Overall, members who were exposed to brand awareness content had 12% higher CTR and 14% higher conversion rate. Additionally, running awareness ads helped result in a 23% YoY increase in brand searches on Google Search. 

This approach helped Cribl connect with their target audience and generate more leads. Furthermore, VertoDigital provided Cribl with detailed analytics and insights about website engagement from the awareness ads. The agency, together with Cribl, developed a new metric of an engaged session, which included time on page, scroll rate, bounce rate, and layered on top firmographic data through a customized integration between 6sense and Google Analytics.


The demand creation approach through awareness advertising on LinkedIn, was a massive success for Cribl. The 31% decrease in cost per lead for remarketing is a testament to the effectiveness of the campaign. With the detailed analytics and insights provided by VertoDigital, Cribl was able to optimize their campaigns and achieve better results. Overall, the campaign helped Cribl increase their brand awareness, achieve their marketing goals, generate a larger pool of leads, and improve their business growth.

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