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Buildfire - B2B Lead-Gen Strategy

How BuildFire Rolled Out a Successful B2B Lead-Gen Strategy on Facebook

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BuildFire™ is an innovative mobile app creation and management platform designed for small to medium-sized businesses and non-profit organizations. BuildFire platform enables non-technical professionals to rapidly build mobile apps with a minimum of custom coding or development. BuildFire platform currently powers 10K+ mobile apps with 10M+ app users.

Services & Platforms


  • Clearbit
  • Meta for Business


Traditionally serving business enthusiasts and sole proprietors looking for a no-code app builder, BuildFire was looking to reposition its communication strategy to upper market customers – agencies and small businesses who need to extend their services to the mobile platform in addition to their traditional channels of doing business. 

So far, the company has been running successful B2C advertising serving the intent of single customers. That has worked great for scaling the self-serve funnel and raising awareness of their solution that vastly simplified the app creation process – previously a tedious and expensive process – into a no-tech zero-friction experience for everyone.

As the company was gaining traction, BuildFire spotted the opportunity to upscale its offering as an easily customizable app maker solution for 50+ sized businesses in specific industry verticals. The traditional targeting approach was no longer serving the new market.


To accommodate for the above strategic shift BuildFire’s acquisition strategy also had to change while keeping the new customer traction and executing with maximum CPA efficiency. 

Working with VertoDigital, BuildFire decided to stick to Facebook in combination with an account-level targeting strategy activated through Clearbit. We used Clearbit to identify the ideal customer profile and build lists of target accounts based on first-party data from the website and Salesforce. 

The created audiences were then mapped out against the BuildFire funnel strategy based on audience propensity and exported to Facebook for activation in prospecting campaigns. 

As BuildFire was now entering the B2B reseller and SME markets, their lead-gen pipeline was yet to be generated. To create the lead-gen velocity needed for the advertising algorithms to kick in, our strategy was based on a two-fold approach:

  • Using Clearbit ICP audiences built out of Clearbit firmographic data for demand generation supplied quality website traffic and helped pipeline growth
  • Building audiences around quality signals – MQLs and SQLs that were exported to Facebook and served as bases for Lookalike campaign buildup in different territories.


  • Optimizing for deeper funnel conversions has led to a 5x decrease in CPA per MQL.
  • Running a full-funnel outreach created an uplift of 25% in organic conversions as a halo effect from the holistic dem-gen strategy.

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