Case Study

Growing self-service pipeline by adopting offline conversion tracking


increase in self-service pipeline


decrease in cost per trial

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Quantive (formally Gtmhub) is a multinational startup that helps companies achieve their goals through Objective and Key Results (OKR) software. Over 2020, the company has grown by nearly 400% with 800 new customers ⁠— almost 75% of them self-service users.

Services & Platforms

  • Offline Conversion Tracking
  • Automation
  • Product-Led Growth
  • Google Ads


COVID-19 pushed the startup to focus on a self-service model. At the time, the cost-per-trial was too expensive, mostly due to a high cost-per-click for targeted keywords in Search. So Quantive set out to find quality trial users at a low acquisition cost— ideally at a cost per trial 50% below what they were then generating.


With the help of VertoDigital, a performance agency skilled in B2B lead generation, Quantive (formally Gtmhub) mapped its trial-to-sale journey.

Since Quantive didn’t have much historical customer data as a startup, they turned to other business metrics ⁠— like platform engagement and usage metrics ⁠— to define their ideal clients. The teams looked at the different actions the users took within the Quantive SaaS platform ⁠— like the number of times they logged in over a week (the higher the number, the more engaged the user), how many goals and OKRs they created (the more, the better), and whether they invited teammates to use the platform ⁠— to identify the profile of an engaged user (and likely future customer).

The teams identified the pre-sale user signals that made the users more likely to convert, with a plan to leverage these signals together with offline conversion imports and Smart Bidding.



growth in self-service pipeline


lower cost-per-trial

Don’t just take our word for it

We witnessed the true power of using our own data to improve the algorithms. Even as a new company, we were able to reach more high-intent customers while lowering acquisition costs. We’re already planning for what we can do next.

Testimonial Item

Seth Elliott

then CMO, now COO Quantive (formally Gtmhub)

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