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How Verto Digital Helped Cribl Achieve a 95% Increase in Organic Traffic YOY

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Cribl is a remote-first software company with an office in San Francisco, CA. It was founded to create a solution that makes observability feasible for any organization.

Services & Platforms


  • SEMRush
  • Lumar 
  • Looker Studio
  • Screaming Frog


As a fast-growing company, Cribl needed a solid technical, content, and reporting framework that would enable its organic growth. Verto Digital was approached by Cribl to help increase their organic traffic and own business-specific topics in the SERP.


We started with a full technical audit to address the most pressing issues and answer all best practices. 

Then we started working on the content framework. We managed to improve the efficiency of the content development process and make it faster and more focused. Partnering with VertoDigital, Cribl created a 5-step strategy to achieve organic growth of 95% YOY. 

Finally, we created a 360 reporting framework to track the progress of Cribl’s initiatives. 

Verto Digital implemented a comprehensive technical SEO strategy, which included optimizing the website’s structure and code, improving the website’s speed and mobile responsiveness, and fixing any crawl errors. We also developed a content strategy that focused on creating high-quality, informative, and keyword-rich content that would attract organic traffic.

The team also set up a reporting framework allowing us to track progress and make data-driven decisions. The framework included tools like Semrush and Looker Studio, which gave us insight into the website’s organic performance, the keywords driving traffic, and the best-performing pages.


The results of the campaign were impressive. Verto Digital was able to increase Cribl’s organic traffic by 95% year-over-year, even after the implementation of a consent management feature. Additionally, the agency was able to double the number of organic non-branded terms in the top 100.

Cribl was thrilled with the results and has since seen a significant increase in website traffic and visibility for their business-specific keywords. Verto Digital’s technical SEO, content strategy, and reporting framework helped them achieve their goals and take their online presence to the next level.

Don’t just take our word for it

The Verto SEO team has done a fantastic job in helping Cribl improve our SEO ranking. The two main objectives at the start was to get the main keyword of ‘Observability’ to page one and to increase our organic traffic by 15% QoQ. In a short period of time, we have successfully improved both our keyword ranking and also our organic traffic. Lastly, I’m absolutely thrilled at all the new content the team is producing!

Mickey Hsieh

Web Marketing Manager Cribl

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