Case studies

Neo4j Case Study

Growing qualified B2B leads with Performance Max campaigns

FITE TV Case Study

27% increase in
ad-attributed revenue

BuildFire Case Study

Successful B2B Lead-Gen Strategy on Facebook


Spectro Cloud Case Study

89% YoY Growth in Organic Sessions with SEO

Cribl LinkedIn Awareness Case Study

Using Brand Awareness to Reduce Cost per Lead and Increase Conversion Rates by 14%

Quantive (formally Gtmhub) Case Study

Growing self-service pipeline by 420% by adopting offline conversion tracking

OfficeRnD Case Study

47% organic traffic growth
with VertoDigital

Scalefocus Case Study

48% organic traffic growth
with VertoDigital


Cribl Organic Traffic Case Study

95% Increase in Organic Traffic with VertoDigital


Ironscales Traffic Case Study

2.3X Increase in Marketing Attributed Pipeline Case Study

31% growth in organic conversions
with a tailored content marketing strategy

CommonRoom Case Study

Doubled organic search traffic by Investing in Content Marketing 

CoreView Case Study

20% Organic Traffic Increase YOY through Content Marketing

AUBG Case Study

AUBG Boosts Started Applications with 82% with VertoDigital

SnapLogic Case Study

 3x ROI in Marketing Sourced Pipeline Growth