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With Performance Max, we are able to tap into the power of machine learning to find new
customer prospects and grow our high-performing audience segments to drive ROI.

Lauren McCormack
Senior Manager, Digital and Marketing Automation at Neo4j

We witnessed the true power of using our own data to feed the algorithms. Even as a new company, we were able to reach more high-intent customers while lowering acquisition costs. We’re already planning for what we can do next.

Seth Ellioth
then SMO, now COO Quantive

Collaborating with VertoDigital has unlocked the potential of our data feed in a brand new way. Initially, we built DEP to automate our long-tail event promotion in search, but soon began leveraging it for our top priority events, as well. We are now promoting more events and are being 100% hands-off in the process. Results are tangible – 27% growth in revenue for our long-tail events.

Kosta Jordanov

Working with VertoDigital helped us streamline our content strategy and significantly improve our efficiency in terms of content planning, creation, and reporting. We now have a deeper understanding of content and SEO, and ultimately, this helps us achieve significant results. Moreover, the VertoDigital team was super responsive and eager to help anytime we had questions.

Mihaela Ivanova
Content Marketing Manager, OfficeRnD