Digital Analytics

Apply data to activate insight

Tag Management

Tag Management is in the center of data collection. We work with you to automate all tag deployment and tag management, saving you resources from manual tag governance and bringing focus back to discovering insights and taking action.

Data Management

Building actionable reporting requires intricate data management behind the scenes. At VertoDigital, we use refined data management workflows to clean, stitch and enhance your data. Our main objective is to create a trustworthy data set that will allow a 360° view of your web and mobile business fronts.

Reporting & Insights

One of our main goals is to empower your entire organization through actionable business insights. To do this we help you build a fully automated reporting framework based on performance data from multiple data sources. Using data to tell good stories will help teams make decisions and drive action.

See a sample live dashboard based on web data for Google Merchandise Store (data source: GMS Google Analytics account). Adjust date range and apply filter to see traffic and revenue by channel.

Case Studies

Complete case studies coming soon

Cross-channel attribution in GA360 using enhanced paid data

Very often marketing teams are faced with the task of optimizing advertising investment against different business goals. Learn how we used GA360 data-driven attribution, enhancing web data with cost and impression data from various third-party ad platforms, to maximize return on ad spend across multiple client product lines.

Collecting data into single property for the biggest web publisher in Bulgaria

Learn how we helped Net Info migrate their analytics to GA360. See how we leveraged Analytics 360 for centralized data collection across all web and mobile apps, BigQuery for building complex data models, and DataStudio for reporting across the entire organisation (both for internal and external needs).

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