Case Study


SnapLogic’s 1st Party Data Activation Drives 3x ROI in Marketing Sourced Pipeline Growth

from paid advertising

lead to MQL rate - While maintaining the cost and volume of MQLs QOQ.


SnapLogic, a leading cloud-based integration application and data technology provider, understands the value of 360° marketing coverage and was looking to get more ROI from their digital advertising. However, despite significant investment, the leads generated were not moving to qualified opportunities fast enough and the key metric of 3x ROI was difficult to meet.

The Problem

SnapLogic faced two major difficulties: First, they were using a marketing-sourced first-touch attribution model that led to limited reporting and an incomplete representation of digital advertising’s performance. Second, they experienced low-quality traffic picked up on Google, leading to further complications and a serious need to hone in on their targeting strategy.


The Solution

VertoDigital, a digital advertising service provider, analyzed SnapLogic’s campaigns and CRM data and identified the need to improve offline conversion tracking. They created a custom-defined quality offline conversion metric based on key job titles important to SnapLogic to optimize for quality people that were likely to become marketing qualified leads (MQLs).

VertoDigital also implemented advanced targeting techniques and optimized ad messaging to reach and resonate with signal leads.

Partnering with VertoDigital

Our consultative and hands-on approach enabled SnapLogic to navigate this technical challenge smoothly. We provided our expertise in Google Offline conversion tracking and navigated the Marketing Operations team to create the logic in Marketo. Our initial approach was uploading the signals manually with a 24-48 hours delay (after a conversion occurs), which does not prove ideal for a real-time algorithm optimization.

We proceeded to guide SnapLogic into creating a webhook in order to push these signals real-time. Our hands-on support ensured the implementation was tailored to SnapLogic’s unique needs, and to top it all off, thorough testing made sure everything worked seamlessly.


Within three months of implementing VertoDigital’s strategy, SnapLogic achieved a 3x ROI from paid advertising alone. The conversion rate from lead to MQL increased 15x, and the signal lead to MQL rate increased from 15% to 50%, all while maintaining the cost and volume of MQLs QoQ.

SnapLogic’s strategic implementation of 1st party data activation resulted in exceptional marketing sourced pipeline growth. By leveraging custom-defined quality offline conversion and optimizing for signal leads, they achieved a remarkable 3x ROI, a 15x increase in lead to MQL conversion rate, and a substantial jump in signal lead to MQL conversion rate while maintaining a cost-effective approach. This success solidifies SnapLogic’s position as a leader in harnessing the power of 1st party data for driving business growth.


  • 1st party data activation is essential for driving business growth. By leveraging your own customer data, you can better understand your target audience, create more relevant messaging, and improve your marketing results.
  • Custom-defined quality offline conversion metrics can help you optimize for the right leads. By tracking conversions that are most valuable to your business, you can ensure that your marketing campaigns are delivering the right results.
  • Optimizing for signal leads can help you generate more qualified leads. Signal leads are people who have already shown an interest in your product or service, so they are more likely to convert into customers.

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