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Scalefocus Doubled Organic Traffic for Target Markets with Complete SEO Framework


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Bringing together a world-class engineering team, industry expertise, and technology excellence, Scalefocus provides tailored software solutions and services that empower businesses to grow and meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Services & Platforms


  • SEMRush
  • Organic Growth
  • Content Strategy


The company faced the challenge of increasing its visibility for industry-specific topics for its target markets and increasing page 1 search exposure with an obsolete CMS and no validаted approach in content development. 

Moving forward, they needed a tailored SEO strategy to help lead the conversation and win more international industry recognition.


After getting to know the Scalefocus team, their goals, resources, and execution style we tailored an approach that included:

  • Full technical SEO consulting – if and how to migrate to a more effective Content Management System.
  • Educated and enabled the process and tooling of the Scalefocus marketing team to produce well-researched and optimized content in a timely manner.

Both directions of our support not only encouraged organic growth but also increased their expertise, authority, and trustworthiness while doing so.

The successful migration was the building block for the Content Calendar execution. We worked with Scalefocus’ content team and their subject matter experts to create valuable content that answers concrete clients’ questions.

The technical and content optimizations led to an organic traffic increase for target markets just a few months after the start of the project.

Technical Support
We created a detailed technical audit analyzing the current state of the website and prioritized the issues that should be addressed. We helped Scalefocus during the migration process and managed to map the issues that should be fixed during the process. Here is how we helped:

1. Provided advice in the selection process of the right CMS for our client’s needs
2. Technical audit and issues prioritization
3. Pre Launch analytics and preparations
4. Post Launch audit and migration evaluation

Content Support
We helped Scalefocus identify topic cluster possibilities and the most valuable topics for their potential clients. The process was divided into 5 steps.

1. Selecting pillar topics
2. Finding subtopics
3. Content Prioritization
4. Writing pieces of content for each topic and subtopic
5. Identifying gaps in competitive search content and establishing authority on the pillar topic


A few months after Scalefocus started executing on the Content Calendar, they  noticed an increase in organic traffic. That same trend continued to reach 48.31% organic traffic growth QoQ.

At the end of the quarter Scalefocus started owning the target topics and drastically increased their visibility and keywords on the first page.

Don’t just take our word for it

The VertoDigital team played a crucial role in helping us develop and implement a winning SEO strategy and tactical plan. The achieved results are impressive and motivate us to continue investing our energy and efforts in the same direction.

Petya Popova-Chilikova

Chief Marketing Officer Scalefocus

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