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To become your integrated partner, we take the time to understand your persona, funnel, MarTech integrations, and media assets.
We work with your 1st party data to create a single KPI that captures the essence of your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).
We organize campaigns and assets by funnel stage to optimize your ad spend and sustain growth.
We create real-time data pipelines for your 1st party data, feeding ad algorithms with ICP signals for better targeting and performance.
Our reporting shows the bottom-line impact of your ad spend, giving you a clear picture of your marketing-assisted pipeline.
By Week 12: See the impact of your efforts and the % increase in your marketing-sourced pipeline

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Our Client’s Results in Numbers

Increase in new enterprise leads157%
Increase in the self-served pipeline420%
Decrease in cost per trial 54%

Case Studies

Neo4j’s Performance Max


The Client:
Neo4j specializes in graph database technology for applications.

The Goal:
Increasing net-new enterprise leads and lowering cost per lead.

The Strategy:
We implemented Performance Max campaigns, repurposing existing assets and optimizing for lead generation, while also implementing offline conversion imports and Looker Studio for real-time reporting.

157% increase in enterprise leads and a 54% lower CPA

Building Quantive’s ICP


The Client:
Quantive is a multinational startup offering OKR software.

The Goal:
Reduce cost per trial by 50% while maintaining quality trial users

The Strategy:
We mapped the trial-to-sale journey, using platform engagement and usage metrics to identify the ideal customer profile. We analyzed user actions on the Quantive SaaS platform to create an engaged user profile and leveraged pre-sale user signals with offline conversion imports and Smart Bidding.

A 420% increase in the self-service pipeline & 75% decrease in cost per trial.

FiteTV’s Search Excellence


The Client:
FITE TV is a major digital network for combat sports.

The Challenge:
Reduce cost per trial by 50% while maintaining quality trial usersDespite success in other marketing channels, FITE TV under-leveraged Google Search, promoting only 10% of PPV events due to limited resources.

The Strategy:
We developed a Dynamic Event Promoter app using Google Ads API and an event product feed, automating search ad group creation for every event. We expanded our reach in Bing Ads and Search Ads 360.

27% increase in ad-attributed revenue & 10% incremental revenue from Bing Ads and SA360.

BuildFire’s B2B Lead-Gen on Facebook


The Client:
BuildFire is a mobile app creation and management platform.

The Goal:
Reposition the communication strategy to target agencies and small businesses needing mobile platform services, moving from traditional targeting to a B2B focus.

The Strategy:
We employed Facebook with Clearbit-based account-level targeting. We defined the ICP together, built target account lists, and mapped audiences to BuildFire’s funnel strategy for prospecting campaigns.

5x decrease in CPA per MQL & 25% increase in organic conversions.

Generating high-quality leads
Measuring marketing ROI
Integrating marketing technology
Staying ahead of your competition
Proving the value of marketing

We are
an extension of your team a partner you can trust digital marketing experts revenue growth consultants data-driven delivering exceptional results an expert B2B tech ads agency bold and innovative a team of technical experts skilled in B2B lead generation

We are a full-service digital marketing agency that partners with B2B companies to drive revenue growth. Our team of experts specializes in crafting customized strategies that are tailored to each client’s unique needs, goals, and challenges.
With a data-driven approach, we help our clients achieve their marketing objectives through a range of services including lead generation, account-based marketing, content marketing, paid media, and more.

At VertoDigital, we are committed to delivering exceptional results and building long-lasting partnerships with our clients.


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Predictions 2023

Be Ahead of the Game: Are you ready for the Future of B2B Marketing?

Efficiency as a Necessity

We understand the need for growth, but efficiency is essential in today’s business environment. Our marketing strategies are focused on smart account-based tactics that identify the most promising opportunities.

A New Model for Sales and Marketing Alignment

The buying journey is now fundamentally changed to be more digital and less linear. Marketing and sales must work as an integrated team to ensure the success of the company. At VertoDigital, we ensure that marketing and sales work seamlessly together through our reporting and data collection infrastructure, allowing us to track and measure the success of campaigns and provide valuable insights to optimize the sales process.

The Continued Rise of Self-Service Buyers

Buyers want to handle more of the journey themselves before speaking with sales. Our marketing strategies create more content that aligns with the buying cycle to help educate buyers and offer self-service options.

The Lines Between ABM & Demand Gen Get Blurrier

We understand that the best companies practice a range of styles for their go-to-market. Our approach includes a combination of account-based and broad-based tactics to create an appropriate go-to-market for each of your deal sizes.

Privacy Will Still Be Consequential

In 2023, third-party data about individuals will become even scarcer and less effective. We’ll use first-party data to create account intelligence and rely on third-party data about companies.

With Performance Max, we are able to tap into the power of machine learning to find new
customer prospects and grow our high-performing audience segments to drive ROI.

Lauren McCormack
Senior Manager, Digital and Marketing Automation