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Common Room doubled organic search traffic by Investing in Content Marketing


organic traffic growth


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Common Room is one of the largest platforms for intelligence community growth, enabling companies with real-time intelligence, user activity tracking, and workflow automation. Community managers come to Common Room not only to build, manage and, measure engagement but also to enhance their community strategy.

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After raising a $32.3 million Series B funding round, Common Room as a brand had to step up, gain recognition and raise awareness. The company faced the challenge of increasing its visibility for industry-specific topics and increased page-one search exposure. 

Thus far, they have taken the first steps by utilizing a resource center as a gateway to achieving top-of-funnel growth. The limb-by-limb approach to content worked great to earn Common Room more traction and engagement from branded search. At the time, branded content was responsible for the majority of their website traffic. 

Moving forward, they needed a more contracted content strategy that supports Common Room to lead the conversation and win more recognition for the brand in the industry.


Common Room demanded a strategic shift that fuels search visibility and organic traffic uplift. That’s why they turned to VertoDigital to create a content strategy that ensures all content materials are built to increase Common Room’s expertise, authority, and trustworthiness, feeding Google’s E-A-T signals and stimulating organic growth. 

Here we took a two-dimensional approach to improve performance by 

  1. Building highly-optimized topic clusters 
  2. Improving content creation and editorial process 

By going with this plan, we addressed Common Room’s need for better industry positioning using topic clusters and enhanced performance for non-branded visibility by improving their editorial process. 

Choosing the right topic clusters 

Common Room looked for topics that best suited their company’s brand strategy while identifying topic cluster possibilities. Here is how they did the selection: 

  1. Choosing pillar topics – It all starts with a prioritization
  2. Identifying supportive subtopics
  3. Creating a few content pieces per each subtopic 
  4. Finding gaps in competitive search content 
  5. Building authority to the pillar topic with a bottom-up approach

Upgrading content creation and editorial process – A solid content development and editorial process was designed to achieve preset goals and serve the project’s purpose. The bases covered in the newly implemented editorial process are: 

  1. Brushing up content structure
  2. A to Z topic optimization with highly-related information
  3. Fine-tuning general tone of voice
  4. Enhancing interlinking 
  5. Leveraging “proof-of-claim” method for external linking.


Over the next three months, after an initial strategizing period, Common Room saw the organic traffic numbers go gradually from red to green. That same trend continued to reach 45.86% organic traffic growth. 

From the start, they could see the search visibility improving, indicating they are heading on the right path. At the end of the quarter, Common Room outranked its main competitors for these key industry terms they targeted at the beginning. They recorded a 68% increase in search visibility starting at 0.0% up to 6.8% for those topics according to SEMRush visibility metric.


Common Room continues to invest in topic clusters and SEO goals to this day. An elevated content strategy helped them not only to achieve better results but also to better organize internal resources, which led to higher productivity for the entire marketing team.

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